About the Writer

Helloooo soulful reader – My name is AnneMarie. I’m a first generation-born Filipinx American womxn, born on the west coast, currently living and working in the east coast. I go by she/her/hers pronouns. I am constantly working to keep myself grounded, decolonized and liberated of the oppression caused by this world’s oppressors (reference to Freire anyone?) whether that be by writing on this blog, reading articles on social justice, watching the sunset or drinking boba. I work to live in the questions of life, to be authentic in my being and to discover true wisdom and courage in hopes of making the world a better place.

About The Blog

For years, I struggled to bring together the seemingly conflicting parts of my Filipinx American identity. In 2014, I worked in the Philippines for a few months and observed the lives of Filipinos all across the socio-economic spectrum. The experience opened my eyes to the reality that is the Philippines: a fertile land home to folks stuck in an identity crisis as a result of hundreds of years of colonization. When I returned to the United States, I returned to a country that was grappling with the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner and publicly re-evaluating issues of police brutality and race. As I watched and read news stories about black people dying at the hands of people who are supposed to protect us, I wondered, where do I fit into this system as a Filipinx Amerian womxn?

That year was a pivotal year for me. It was the year I learned to unlearn especially in regards to race and gender. It was the year I began to check my privilege and work to be more intentional about the language I use and the spaces I take up. Most of all, that was the year I started to name the things I was seeing, feeling and experiencing.

Amidst the conversations on race in this country, I desperately searched for blogs written by Asian Americans and more specifically, Filipinx American womxn of my generation publicly grappling with the dynamics and injustices within the wider Filipinx community. I wanted someone to look to for a role model, someone I could relate my struggles to. So far, I have found Angry Asian Man and Journey of a Brown Girl. Yet, the number of blogs that write about what it’s like to be a Filipinx American are few.

The need for this kind of blog has increased as I navigate New York City, a city where I often find myself being the only Filipinx American in a room. The feeling of being an invisible minority has never felt more real than now. I’m tired of feeling invisible in both my struggles and my joys and I’m tired of Filipinx Americans being an invisible minority.

This nook of the Internet is my place for me to share my process — my formation into a Filipinx American womxn. I hope that my process inspires and empowers readers to educate themselves, to work on personal healing and to share their own experiences.

Remember, this blog is the fruit of my on-going process. The experiences and ideas I write about are not indicative of all Filipinx American womxn.

Looking forward to learning with you all so please, comment and share your perspectives, experiences and resources.

About the Editor

Hey beautiful people – My name is Mary and I’m the “Editor” in this special corner of the internet. I live by the motto “We make the road by walking” (cheers to Myles Horton) and my walking started in the great state of Michigan. I’m a Michigan native, born and raised in Metro-Detroit and now living/working/resisting in New York City. She/her/hers pronouns. A student of history, I am an artist and story-teller by nature, who loves supporting others (like the fabulous AnneMarie) in telling their own. You’ll often find me outside walking – preferably up a mountain and likely musing on love and revolution – whenever possible. I am sustained by community and am grateful for the many past and present that have welcomed me, formed me, and I have called home. You can find my ongoing thoughts at Internal Resistance.

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