Why “Filipinx?”

I use the X in hopes of creating a gender neutral blog space that welcomes all genders of Filipinx folks. Note, that many of my posts may be written from a feminine perspective given my cis-gender identity as a female. I kept the F instead of the P for alliteration purposes despite the fact that “F” did not exist in the native script of the Philippines (known as baybayin)—long before Spanish influence and rule. I plan to use F and PH interchangeably in my writing as a means to decolonization. Read more about the on-going conversation on Filipinx.

Why “Formation?”

Honestly, the title is inspired from Beyonce’s song, Formation. I recognized that like Beyonce, my upbringing and unique set of experiences are all part of an on-going process: a formation. I am dynamic and ever-changing and I hope this blog is a testament to my personal learning and unlearning and most of all my becoming.

I’ve seen the phrase #WalangHiya on your website and social media. What does it mean?

During the 2017 Womxn’s March, I held a sign that read “This Filipinx American resists Trump, white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, fascism, patriarchy, gender oppression, sexism, racism xenophobia with walang hiya #noshame.”

The phrase “walang hiya” literally means “no shame” but traditionally has been used as “ugh, you have no shame / you should be ashamed of yourself.” I just came across this phrase this week (shout out to my friend Liz). Inspirationally, there’s a growing movement of Filipinx Americans who are reclaiming the phrase to be powerful and positive. As a Filipinx American womxn, I’ve been raised to have shame so this phrase perfectly encapsulates my journey to the now. I have no shame #walanghiya.

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