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Walang Hiya Ka

White skin, so maganda ka.
White mind, so Amerikana ka.
Not taga-Pilipinas
Taga-Amerika, pero
Asian ka
You don’t look Pilipina enough, Amerikana enough
Cut in two
A word for people like you
Means different
It means
You are not enough
Feel nakakahiya
Wala ko kasabot
All you say
When imong pamilya speaks
In one ear, out the other
Kasi imong nanay did not teach you
How to cross the bridge
Instead she burned it
And you are stuck on the other side Continue reading

It’s a Match! Dating with #WalangHiya

“You should only date Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, or white – but only if he’s rich” – my Filipina Grandma on who I should be dating

I’m a second generation Filipina-American and fourth generation Chinese-American. I identify as a heterosexual female. I’ve lived in Austin, the Bay Area, Las Vegas, Seattle, Mexico City, and now I’m in New York City. I’ve met a lot of different people, and I have had a few romantic interests along the way. I love the thrill of getting to know a new person. However, I hate the “courtship” dance and the anxiety I get when I think about introducing this person to my family, especially my grandma. She is very vocal about who I should be dating even from a young age. Continue reading

Why Write About Being a Filipinx American?

This blog is a long overdue passion project that began with my personal racialization.

Racialization is the very complex and contradictory process through which groups come to be designated as being of a particular “race” and on that basis subjected to differential and/or unequal treatment.

For me, this process began in high school. I went to an elementary school that was predominantly made up of people of color, majority of whom were Filipinx American. So it wasn’t until high school that I was exposed to where I actually fit in the current racial system of the United States. Continue reading