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Before March 2017, I put out an ask to a select group of my friends to curate contributions from Filipinx diaspora femme-identifying and womxn for a collaborative digital platform on the ways they reclaim the shame in their lives — the ways they are working to reclaim #WalangHiya. I received over 50 inquiries with 3 days. During the month of March, I managed to curate, schedule, edit and publish the unique perspectives of 30+ incredibly resilient Filipinx diaspora folks. And as a result, Formation of a Filipinx American’s audience has had over 5,000 views within the past 3 months, over 200 Facebook followers and growing.

And that’s just the beginning. Our voices, our perspectives, our history, our wisdom are slowly being erased by the dominant culture — but only if we let it.

My goal to post daily was ambitious and currently, I don’t have the capacity to pursue a month-long daily project again. However, I still look forward to amplifying the voices of Filipinx diaspora all over the world as time allows.

That said, interested in collaborating and contributing? Read the following (#Walang Hiya Guidelines | General Contribution Guidelines), develop your idea, write a draft, then fill out the below form.


  • Accepting contributions from Filipinx diaspora & Filipinx folks living in the Philippines
  • Accepting contributions on a rolling basis
  • Accepting male perspectives on shame & Reclaiming #WalangHiya
  • Accepting perspectives from folks of other ethnic backgrounds re: shame & Reclaiming #WalangHiya


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